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Follow/Unfollow boards on Pinterest

We will guide you in a easy way to follow your interesting particular boards of a pinterest application. Now for searching or following the broads on this application you need follow the various steps given below.

  • Once you login the pinterest application account on your device.
  • On the search box appearing on the top of your APP page, start typing the name of board you need to follow. There you will see list of suggestions, but you will click on your personal pinterest user.
  • Now scroll the user page to view this user boards and click on the follow.
  • In the same manner you also unfollow the boards, by a single click on unfollow button below the boards.

How to Clear Search History

To clear the searching history of your Pinterest account you first must be logged in Pinterest, if you’re logged in click on the top right corner of you screen on your name, next go to settings, below there you will see written “Clear recent searches“, click on that and the last step is click on “Save Changes” and you’re done!. This is the shortcut of clearing the search history of your pinterest account.

How to Block/Unblock People on Pinterest

If you don’t want to interact any particular contact on your account you can easily block him/her. So how you can block/unblock someone on pinterest. Now you want to follow the following steps given below.

  • Once you login the pinterest account on your device.
  • Click on the search box at the top of your pinterest homepage. Start typing the name of the pinner you want to block, and there you will see the list of suggestion on the screen, but you will select the person you want block him/her.
  • When the profile page of the selected pinner is open, click on the gear menu and then click on “Report this profile” and click on the “Block” button on the down right corner of the screen in the red box and confirm the blocking my clicking on the “Block Pinner” option and click “Okay“.

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